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Take Your Proxy to the Next Level

As the unmatched leader in proxy statement strategy, design, production, filing, distribution and web-hosting, Donnelley Financial can help you optimize your shareholder communications.

Thought Leadership & Proven Best Practices

We deliver industry thought leadership via a range of events, whitepapers and tools, all designed to help you create a unique proxy approach right for your company that will advance your shareholder communications agenda.

Advisory Services

At Donnelley Financial, we do not believe one size fits all, and that every proxy should follow the same template or style. Instead, we help you create the right proxy for you, identifying an appropriate style and format to best match your company’s culture and objectives. Through a consultative review of your most recent proxy, annual meeting experience, voting results and feedback from investors, we provide layout, design and content guidance for major overhauls or incremental upgrades.

Unparalleled EDGAR Filing Expertise

Rely on our EDGAR team. We handle more than 160,000 SEC filings annually—more than any other filing agent.

Industry’s Largest Service Team Available 24/7/365

An extension of your internal team, our industry-leading service professionals deliver efficient, on-time and accurate financial disclosures with three shifts for support, including on-site graphic design, typesetting, and EDGAR and print expertise. While keeping you apprised of progress throughout the process, our highly-skilled team creates, produces, files, prints and distributes both hard copy and electronic versions of your document.

Unrivaled Print Platform

Leverage our network of more than 175 global manufacturing locations, optimized to provide simultaneous premium color print services with expansive distribution and logistics strengths to match.